To receive remote support, please the icon below to download Artifact's remote support agent:

Artifact Assist


When the file downloads, please go to where it was saved (most likely "Downloads") and double-click it - or single-click it from the Chrome or Edge downloads areas.

chrome download view


You will require administrative privileges to proceed with the installation, if your current user account doesn't have this level of privilege you will be asked for the credentials of an account that does - please let us know if this causes problems.


You will also be asked if you "want to allow this application to make changes to your device?" - please click "Yes".

make changes to pc


Once the installation has begun, the installer will disappear into the background and work away.  Provided your computer has internet access, it should be remotely accessible in c. 10 mins.


When you see the red Artifact logo icon on the bottom right of your screen, you can be confident of a successful installation.

artifact assist agent icon