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We love computers!  Be they PCs or Macs.  We can help you choose what's best for your organisation and take care of procurement and delivery.

We install, configure, and support everything for you.
We can get your computers, printers, and servers talking by installing high-quality wired and/or wireless networks.

We have the extensive experience and industry certification necessary to get the job done right.
Support Services:
artifact can look after your IT by providing you with:

On-site maintenance and support:
- 09:00 to 17:00 Monday - Friday
- Out of hours work can be arranged
- Professional, friendly service
- Takes precedence over installations
- Competitive per hour rates
- Cap on 1/2 days or full days

Remote monitoring and alerting:
- Monitoring of hardware & software
- Logging of backup job performance
- Alerting of important issues
- Proactive repair of certain issues

Remote support:
- 09:00 to 17:00 Monday - Friday
- Out of hours work can be arranged
- Remote user assistance on PC/Mac
- Remote troubleshooting/repair
- Fast resolution times
remote_access servers
Remote Access
Need to access your office resources when you're at home or out of the office?  No problem.

We provide the hardware and software necessary, set it up, and then support it for you.
Servers & Sharing
Need to store your files centrally so that users can access them easily?  Need to share out some printers to your users?  Need to install a centralised database?

We install, configure, and support many different servers and storage devices
security backup
Concerned about threats from the internet such as viruses and spyware?  Spam driving you to distraction?  Need to restrict what users can access on the internet?

artifact supply high quality software and hardware to keep you and your data safe.
What would you lose if your computer went up in smoke tomorrow?  What about your server?

Most people only consider backup after they've experienced a major data loss - don't let this happen to you.

We have the industry accreditation, skill, and experience to provide you with the best quality service.  See our testimonials ...